3 Things I Want From Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar has recently uploaded two pictures to its Twitter feed that appear to be allusions to something Red Dead Redemption related, possibly the long-rumored sequel. The first picture features a Rockstar Games logo bathed in red; the second picture shows 7 silhouetted men in Western garb in front of a sunset. Speculation that a sequel is in the works mounted after the game’s map apparently leaked last spring. Rockstar hasn’t announced any new material over the past few years (outside of new modes for GTA 5 online), so it’s safe to say they’ve been working on something big. If a Red Dead sequel is indeed in the works, here are 3 things I’d like to see from it.

  1. No PC bullshit. Spare me the conservationist native complaining about white settlers killing off the buffalo. Natives killed off plenty of buffalo once they got their hands on the white man’s fire sticks. That line was borderline hate whitey propaganda. And why would the general store owner, of all things, spout anti-Semitic conspiracy theories? Hopefully the game avoids nods to political correctness like token minorities and missions where you discover that someone in 1850 was a proto-transgender rights activist. Don’t give us the Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman version of the Old West; give it to us as it was and let the player pass judgment on it.
  2. Less GTA style missions. Red Dead Redemption was, for all intents and purposes, GTA 5. If you don’t think so, just imagine that Rockstar had announced in 2009 that a new GTA was coming out in 2010 and that it would take place in the Old West. Wouldn’t you expect it to be pretty much what Red Dead Redemption turned out to be? If Rockstar had chosen to call Red Dead Redemption “GTA 5,” no one would have thought it was something completely different than GTA 4 just because it was set 100 years in the past and you could hunt animals. It would have been the same open-world concept transposed to the Old West. Now, don’t get me wrong: I don’t care if the game borrows GTA 5’s online mode or multiple protagonist features; in fact, that would be pretty awesome. But I would like to see it differentiate itself from GTA in some way. Maybe they could do that with the story. Let us play a man who doesn’t have a checkered past for once.
  3. Make the world more interactive. There were buildings and settlements everywhere in Red Dead Redemption, but most of them were there for decoration. You should be able to interact with everything in some way, even if it’s purely destructive. When you get money, you shouldn’t be limited to buying more guns and ammo or blowing it at poker. You should be able to invest it. You should be able to buy property and use it in some way. It would be awesome if the game let you become an oil or railroad tycoon.

If Rockstar gives us Red Dead Redemption: San Andreas (i.e. a bigger Red Dead Redemption), I won’t complain. Rockstar knows that it doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to please fans. But it would be cool if they granted at least 2 of my wishes.

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